March 15, 2009

Pocket Magnifiers

Reading a map is difficult when you don't have your glasses or the light is fading. Squinting doesn't work, and your arms aren't long enough.

Handy pocket-sized Fresnel magnifiers come to the rescue. The simplest is thin plastic the size of a credit card, easily carried in your wallet. The best known is probably Itoya brand. You can find one at office supply stores and pharmacies. Look online at Campmor, MapTools, or UltraOptix.

The latest innovation in this technology is the illuminated magnifying card, which is a bit thicker. Pressing a tiny button activates an LED, flooding light on the map. A well-known model (as seen on TV) is the OWL Light. Similar lenses are available from Essential Gear and Amazon.

Illuminated or not, both styles provide 2 to 3x magnification.

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2009 International Technical Rescue Symposium

The 2009 International Technical Rescue Symposium welcomes rescue personnel from many disciplines: mountain rescue, military, park services, and outdoor recreation. The program includes new advances in equipment, medical issues, and technique.

The event is sponsored by Pigeon Mountain Industries, CMC Rescue Incorporated, and others.

November 5 – 8, 2009
Pueblo, Colorado

Download the brochure in Adobe Acrobat format here.

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