November 06, 2010

World-Wide Military Gourmet

The esteemed New York Times reported on field rations encountered among coalition members in Afghanistan. From Polish bogracz to South Korean kimchi, all of your favourites are here. Roll over the images of fourteen nations' rat-packs and click to see the package contents.

Earlier, The Smoking Gun published the unedited comments, often brutally frank, of American service members who had been asked to review MREs.

Soldier Systems' Field Gourmet takes an in-depth look at the rations of five nations: Russia, Netherlands, France, New Zealand, and Great Britain and have just reported on the Brits' new Rat Packs and those of the Danes.


November 05, 2010

Ski Patroller Magazine now Online

Ski Patroller magazine is now online. Download the latest issue, Fall 2010.

Members can log into NSP and download full PDF versions of all past issues from 1998 – Present.

NSP has published an index of all Ski Patrol magazine articles from 1984 – 1999 and from 2000 – Present.


Regional Snow Analyses

NOAA's Snow Analyses site displays animated, snow-related maps for the continental United States and for eighteen regions. View nine maps for each area, including snow depth, snow precipitation, and average snowpack temperature. Watch the changes for one day, two weeks, or a season. Discussion of the weather is included.